2nd Press Roundup Announcing: All Walls Must Fall


First off we want to thank YOU for taking the time to look at this and paying attention to All Walls Must Fall. We’ve been blown away by the positive reception of our announcement both on the internet and at the A MAZE festival. We would especially like to thank Michael Liebe from Booster Space and Carlos Liévano from Amazon for enabling us to show the game at the conference as well as the entire team behind the organization of the festival and the wider Games Week Berlin. Last but not least we would like to thank Ina Göring from the Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg for supporting us in developing our game concept for the application with the Medienboard which in turn also benefited the clarity of our messaging greatly for the announcement, as well as Helge Jürgens for taking the time to check out our little booth at A MAZE and listening to our pitch.

In the following we want to give an overview over the press reception All Walls Must Fall was able to gather.

English Motherfather! Do you speak it?

First off Matt Purslow from PCGamesN broke the news first which made us smile because he also published the first article of us announcing inbetweengames as well as our first published interview. Then Adam Smith was rocking our world by publishing an article on All Walls Must Fall on Rock Paper Shotgun and apparently really liking the concept. Yay! 🙂 We were also really happy that Mike Cosimano from Destructoid still remembered our announcement from last year, caught on the movie references behind the game and strangely enough discussed our love for dumplings. Joshua Vanderwall from the Escapist remained cautious but fair, possibly preempting the entertainingly lively discussion on their forums. Yes we DO read the comments. Speaking of Forums NeoGaf was organized as ever while RPGCodex was taking a slightly more anarchistic approach which tempted our own Isaac to join in good fun.
GameInformer on the other hand is the biggest gaming print magazine of the world so getting covered by Jeff Cork for them was ‘no biggie’. Ok. Maybe it was. OnlySP also mentioned more to come from them on All Walls Must Fall as well and oh boy are we looking forward to that. Getting covered by Killscreen is always an honour but in our opinion it was Jess Condit from Engadget stealing the show with her in depth look at the background of the game.

Besides all that things were moving very quickly with additional coverage coming in from Gameranx, CGM, Tech Times, GamePressure, The Game Fanatics, Trusted Reviews, Flickering Myth, Twitch Times, Game Watcher, Game Grin and Gaming Nexus, finally tempting MonsterVine to lead with a headline of All Walls Must Fall Set to Topple the Tactics Genre. Jeez guys. No pressure!

One thing that really surprised us though was receiving coverage from outlets focussing on electronic dance music and club culture like Electronic Beats, Pulse Radio and Deep House Amsterdam. Berlin is undoubtedly calling out to them. We also received a mention from 80 Level.


Parlez vous francais?

Tsuigi was apparently what started the whole thread of electronic music publications paying attention to All Walls Must Fall in the first place, while Gamer Impact was speaking to traditional, francophone gamers. Game Side Story on the other hand featured an interview both in English et en français.

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Time to take a look at how we were doing on our home turf. Let’s start by giving you a break from reading all this stuff with 4Player’s Video Coverage of the AMAZE featuring All Walls Must Fall around 3:40. If you also need to rest your eyes Trackback on Radio Fritz is for you although you might want to skip to around 11:59 of the podcast for best effect. Last in this series of non-literary content is Hooked FM talking about the game in some detail and obviously having paid attention to it for some time already. Mad Props for that.

Getting back to written articles we got German coverage from GameStar, 4PlayersPC Games, PCGames HardwareIGN, GamesPilotGames AktuellXP-lorer, PIQD and BetaWatch. But our favorite German headline Tillate.

Welcome to Czech-Point Charlie

I’m regretting that joke already but seeing coverage from Tiscali was indeed very cool.

A ty govorish’ po russki?

From what artificial intelligence is able to convey to us our friends from Russia were overall a little bit more critical of the whole affair while still acknowledging that it was intriguing to them. Way to play hard to get my friends, but we know that it’s all just part of your rough charm. Overall we received Russian coverage from Overclockers, VGBlocks, Kaldata, market.dn.ua, Kanobu, ya-gamer and igromania. Which overall is a considerable amount of articles. I guess that really means we will have to have Russian localization at some point so stay with us Russia! We love you!


Whenever we get coverage from the other end of the world it is indeed quite flattering even if we don’t know whether they curse or praise us sometimes and the coverage we received from GameSpark, Docome, pcucgame and GamerSky is no exception.

That’s all folks!

That’s all the announcement coverage we are aware of so far! If you find anything more please let us know and we’ll add it! Thank you for your attention and see you around!


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