All feet in the air – Where inbetweengames is and what is coming up..

We wanted to take a little bit of time to talk with you guys about where we are currently and how things are going. It’s also one of those announcement of an announcement kind of things.

The last couple of months we have been really busy getting the organizational side of our team in order, getting our company incorporated and applying for some grant funding for the development of the game so we can stay as indie as we aspire to be.

Pretty boring stuff overall – but it has to be done. It has also helped us to be forced to formulate our thoughts about the game in a coherent manner that would be subject to a fair amount of scrutiny. Because unless you can explain something simply you don’t really understand it yet. On top of that we also had to figure out our business plan. But now with a few exception of some last remaining details we’re all set up and ready to go.

However we don’t know yet whether any of the funding that we applied for will actually go through. The biggest issue here being that if we don’t get the personal founders grant we have applied for we might not have anything to pay our rents with at the end of the month and would be forced to fall back on social security and possibly abandon our project. It’s all looking good so far and will most likely go through but it’s still a great amount of uncertainty to be under – which is part of the motivation to write this post: to get it of our chest.

It’s a special moment for us. We officially made the jump to indie development. Now all of our feet are in the air. We don’t know yet whether we will hit the ground running.. or land with our face in the dirt. So we would like to thank you for watching us so far and your interest in how things might turn out.

Whatever will happen we have to assume the best and finally get back to working on our game. Therefore we want to show you guys as soon as possible what we’ve been working on and are planning to pitch it to you around the upcoming Berlin Games Week mid April – which had been our plan since we started out last fall.

So stay tuned to see what we’ve been brooding over – it’s time to show its face very soon.

The ground is coming up. We gotta run.



2 thoughts on “All feet in the air – Where inbetweengames is and what is coming up..

  1. Great to hear how everything is going. We all hope you hit the ground running, but even if you end up ‘face in the dirt’ I know you will find a way to keep going.

    I know I am not the only one that is very interested in what will come out of this studio in the future.

    Good luck and happy game dev times!

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