First inbetweengames Press Roundup

Hey everybody,

so it’s been two weeks now since we announced that we’re going indie and we were very happy with the positive reactions that we received from you all! ūüôā

So this comes a little late but here comes our press roundup of original English press coverage we received so far:

last but not least our former boss Timo from YAGER also talked about the whole Dead Island 2 cancellation kerfuffle:

Phew. Thanks a lot everybody, hopefully we’ll have more¬†articles on our upcoming game¬†to share soon!

Until then you can also follow us on Twitter¬†and Facebook – where we’ll also be sharing some sneak peeks of our current prototyping efforts in the weeks to come.¬†If all goes well we’ll have something of an early game to show ending of this/beginning of next year.¬†Unless we turn all Lord of the Flies on each other.¬†Either way there’ll be pictures so go ahead and follow us! ūüôā


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